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Should this guy be put to death for his crimes, even if he is 76 years old? (story)

No - I don't believe in capital punishment
No - he's probably going to die soon anyway, so just let it happen
Yes - kill the son of a bitch
Yes - he's probably going to die soon anyway, so lets just help the process along
Don't know/don't care
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I can't vote on it the way it reads. But he was convicted and sentenced to this nearly 25 years ago. He has lived that much longer than anyone he killed or paid to have killed.

I have to agree with the judges who've declined to bar the execution as requested on the basis of his current health status, because he wasn't in that condition when he was convicted. It is only because of the legal system he has lived long enough for his health to fail.

While I am not a huge fan of the death penalty, I believe that since it *is* the law and he has had his due process, it should be carried out. If people don't want capital punishment, they should work on changing the law all the time, not just when someone's date comes up. (There are probably lots of people who do that, but many just show up when there's some "march" and ignore it the rest of the time, I suspect.)

Just my $1.98 (much more than 2 cents, I'm sure).