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No spoilers... just a question. Does anyone know where I can find a good snarky icon of our favorite socially dysfunctional CTU agent, Chloe O'Brien?
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Are you looking for something particular? There's always 24_icons, but you may have to look for a while before you find something you like.

And I actually thought Chloe was remarkably non-dysfunctional, for her anyway, so far this season. ;)
I didn't find the one I wanted at 24_icons, but it gave me a starting point. And look! *points*

And yeah, Chloe rocked last night. But overall -- very dysfunctiona; ;)
And look! *points*

Tres cool. I need some Chloe icons myself. She's so cool.

But overall -- very dysfunctiona

Chloe and Edgar are very stereotypically geeky, except she's fairly attractive and he's not, in the poor social skills matched with l33t g33k sk1llz kinda way.

I have to say though, that despite the way Jack seems to have treated Chloe in seasons 2 and 3, she's quite remarkably loyal to him. I think Chloe secretly likes Jack rather a lot.

No I'm not. I don't think Jack feels the same way at all. I just think that Chloe has this kind of thing for Jack. I mean, even last season when stuff was happening to him, she passed some remark that seemed to indicate he needed to be comforted. It's possibly even more like a crush than any deep affection.

Even if I did though, it has a darn site more canon to it than your default icon does! ;-P
Hey, I didn't say that Jack/Chloe shipping with be bad...

*uses default icon just to bug rob*