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I have written about half the prologue to my next SGA fic... going on six pages -- 3,300 words. In one sitting! Wee!

Here's a snippet:

Sohiel smelled like a county fair. In fact, from what Teyla had told them, that's what it pretty much was: a fair that lasted from sun-up til sun-down, every day, rain or shine or sleet or snow. Everyone did their business here, including the inhabitants of about fifteen different planets, and the only thing that could bring business to a halt around here was a ship-full of hungry Wraith...

There were no Ferris wheels, he noted unhappily. There were never any Ferris wheels.

Something poked him in the shoulder blade, just above the Tac-Vest, and then poked a few more times for good measure. "Hey, are we going or what?"

Sheppard sighed and moved along, trailed by McKay, Ford and Teyla, and finally the Official himself.

Official really wasn't the right word for the guy. He was tall and broad-shouldered, with a head of hair that would have made Samson proud, but beneath that beefcake exterior beat the heart of a mealy-mouthed, sniveling toad. In short, he was an ass.

"As I said," he simpered, in an obvious attempt to move them off his doorstep, "should the situation change, we would be most delighted to welcome you into the splendor that is Sohiel." He spread his arms to indicate that splendor, to really drive home everything they were being denied access to. "But as you are strangers in these parts, and we know nothing of you beyond what is reported by our good friends..."

"Those 'good friends' wouldn't happen to be the Genii, would they?" snapped Ford. "Were they the ones who told you we were criminals and liars and cheats? Because they know a thing or two about lying. They--"

"Aiden," said Teyla softly, beating Sheppard to the punch by a second at most. And he wouldn't have been so sedate about it. Yeah, the Genii were a bunch of punks to say the least, and John's opinion of them wasn't improving... not now that they were going around the Pegasus Galaxy giving the whole Atlantis expedition a bad reputation. But their little secret - simple farms aboveground, sprawling military complex below - was the only thing keeping them from getting their asses well and truly kicked by the Wraith. If the secret got out among the human populations, it was only a time until the lifesuckers heard about it too. And as tempting as it might be, the Genii were still the lesser of two evils. They weren't friends, at least not right now, but they weren't the real enemy either.

The real enemy was a little more formidable.

"And as I said," Sheppard replied, smiling ungraciously, "we might have pissed off a few people recently, but not by doing anything illegal. We want to fight the Wraith."

"'Want' being the operative word," chimed in McKay. "We can't very well beat them if we're all dying of starvation!"

McKay had very serious issues when it came to food.

The snide expression on the Official's face faded away, replaced with a look of disgust. "If nothing else I know you are truly insane. The Wraith cannot be beaten."

Sheppard sensed more than saw the storm building in Teyla's eyes. She had issues too, not that he could blame her.
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