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I have some questions about Coup d'Etat for anyone who's seen it... or, I suppose, even if you haven't, if you don't mind spoilers.

Was Cowen kidnapping people with the ATA gene because he needed them to be able to fly the jumpers he thought he was getting? Or because he knew they were important to the expedition and therefore would make better hostages? Does this indicate that there aren't people - natives of the Pegasus Galaxy - who have the gene themselves? I've been kind of working under the assumption that people who are descended from the original Ancients were going to have/more likely to have the gene, and since the Ancients had a presence in both galaxies, there would be humans in both galaxies with the gene. Is this inconsistant with what we've been shown on the show?

Unrelated, but... I'm listening to a song right now called Ships That Don't Come In... the song itself is pretty sad, but the title is making me think evil things wrt SGA... ;)
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