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Because you just can't keep a good rant down

Perchance this will turn into a Harbinger at some point, but I just had to get it out of my system...

It really doesn't make sense that the Save Daniel campaign is known as the Save Daniel campaign. In a way, the PC version ("Stargate Solutions", and perdon whilst I retch) is actually more accurate. The SDJ smearing committee have themselves said that 'it's not just about Daniel, his leaving was just the straw that broke the camel's back'. Or snapped the TSers minds, depending on how you look at it.

So no, SDJ isn't really about Daniel. It's about FH, too, and the TSer's desire to remake the show in their image... or in his: Non-military, focused primarily on the mythology, soft and fuzzy and all morally relativistic and the Grand Saga of the Great Love of Jack and Daniel. And... theoretically speaking that's one path the show could have gone down. But it didn't. And unless the TSers are working on converting their Yugos into time machines, there's no way to change that.

And if there was a way to change that, calling TPTB jerks and nitwits would not be it.

What TPTB decided to do was level off the Planet of the Week formula and focus on Earth, especially the military aspect since (a) the SGC is an American military program and (b) we're FIGHTING the Goa'uld, not chatting with them over tea. And they decided to bring Sam and Jack's relationship into the foreground for a few episodes. And, God forbid, Jack and Daniel argued, something they'd never ever done before on the show. *cough*

And then FH decided he would be a good role model for Rob Lowe. What's the saying about closing the barn doors after the cow has already vamoosed?

The SHB keep going on about how the show has sucked from Season 4 on. Why then are they so obsessed with getting FH back on it? If he was being treated so horribly and used as wallpaper, then why aren't they counting their lucky stars that he had the sense to leave? It's because this 'campaign' isn't just about getting FH 'reinstated', it's about demanding changes to the show that they have wanted since who knows when... and that doesn't work; it doesn't make sense.

Now listen to me. I'm expecting them to make sense, heheh.

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