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Last night I had a BSG dream! I use a '!' because that's never happened to me before. In fact I just finished explaining a couple of days ago that I like BSG, but not in the same i want to love him and hug him and call him george way that I've felt about SG1 in the past, and that I currently feel about SGA. But this dream was very squishy... there was some running around and shooting at Cylons, but the main focus was that I was helping Roslin play some kind of weird joke on Adama, and I was also trying to get Kara and Lee together by making her jealous... thinking that I was interested in him. And from what I recall, I was pretty successful *g*

It was one of those dreams where you wake up grinning, and then realize -- damn! It wasn't real!

But I'm still smiling anyway.

  • I guess it's a good fit, since they're both total jokes.

    Maybe it'll be called "Toxic Little Queen."

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