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(no subject) has a new interview with birthday boy Joe Flanigan.

Personally, my favorite part?

iF MAGAZINE: What do you think about the romantic tension your character has with the ladies of the series, and how much input do you get into your character development?

FLANIGAN: I don't think there is romantic tension with Dr. Weir. There’s tension with Tayla (sic) and they’ve written it that way. We get a fair amount into our characters. It all depends on the person and the character. The more time you spend on the show, the more input you get into your character. Brad and Robert, the writers, are very receptive and dynamic when they hear something. The feeling is that if you’ve got good material and suggestions there is always an open door.

Let the catfights begin.
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Let the catfights begin.

Rrrrrrrow! :)

I saw this elsewhere, and it just makes me go "hee!" whenever I think about it.