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Weekend, Meta, Fic.

I've sort of been ignoring my LJ this weekend, I see. Between homework, and trying to keep my brother's teenaged ass from permanently afixing to the seat in front of the computer, and sleeping, and generally feeling bleh...

Watched Meta on Friday and of course, it was wonderful. It's not as nice as seeing episodes first-run on the TV, of course. Damn SciFi and my lack of restraint when it comes to squinty eps. I'm sort of tempted to not watch the finale on squinty, but I don't think I'd be able to avoid the spoilers. But it really was nice seeing it big and everything.

For example... got extra special warm fuzzies seeing the hand-holding so nice and clear... and for the first time (I dunno, maybe I'm just slow) I understood the look between MindReading Mutant and Niirti when Jonas is up in the machine. The guy can't read Jonas' mind, which is how he didn't know Jonas was going to 'jump him' in the cell, and that fact was Niirti's first indication that there's something unusual about him. Very interesting, as it relates to the character and his future. Niirti said that a few thousand years away from Earth had changed him a great deal, but I wonder... whatever she sensed about him, his abilities... is it something that everyone on his planet possesses, or just him? And if it's just him, why? Some effect of the naquadria, perhaps? Something they didn't detect earlier? Or something else?


Weirdly enough (and annoyingly enough, really *g*) I've gotten an idea for an original story. Which is really unheard of, since the only times I've even written original fiction since being introduced to fic has been for class. But I was watching the end of Forever Young (mm, Mel) yesterday, plus a whole lot of news coverage, and it spawned a little idea. And the little idea talked to itself all day, eventually coming up with some main characters, a premise and even an opening paragraph. So when I got tired of working on March 08 last night, I worked on the original idea a little. I think it's going to be hard, because the temptation to be preachy will be great... not to mention the fact that the main character is a woman and those are always the easiest to Mary Sue (inadvertantly or otherwise). But it could be interesting. We'll see.

Meanwhile I'm still struggling with my zinefic, tentatively titled "Perfect World". It's just missing a certain flow, probably because I'm writing it in stops and starts. I think I do the best job when I can sit down over the course of a night, or a couple nights, and just get it all on paper (well, or on screen). I tend to ramble a whole lot, but that can always be cut down later. The problem with this fic is I don't know if I'm already past the point of no return as far as that goes. And it's frustrating as hell, because I know how I want it to go, I know how I want it to end... I just can't get it to sound right. Grr.

Hmm. I need to make some new SJ icons...

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