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The Christmas stash

From mom, dad and Jamie:

A talking Stewie dashboard thingy
Shiny earings
A pearl bracelet
A calendar
Pajamas (a regular pair, and a pair with footies!)
Jurassic Park DVDs (all three movies)
Stargate: Atlantis Season One DVDs
Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister and Wicked by Gregory Maguire
The Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop
Heads for my electric toothbrush
$10 worth of lottery tix (I won 2 free tickets and $4, yippie)

From Shelbs/aunt and uncle/cousin and cousin's wifey:

A green suede coat with sparkly buttons
A green silk sleeveless top (dry clean only, eek!)
A flowery silk tank
A lacy blue cami
A frilly pink silk shirt (with sparkles!)
A cute little mauve sweater with lavander trim
A long-sleeved brown top with a 'built-in' shrug
A black SF Giants polo
Two sparkly green necklaces
"Joyful" bath salts
Gold cross pin
10" Batman figure (so Diana will have someone to hang out with, andveryginger *g*)
Cute little brown purse with Bath & Body goodies inside
A personalized "I Love Chocolate" picture

From my snooglies: :)

Kingdom Come (a Justice League book)
Batman: The Ultimate Guide to the Dark Knight
A sparkly Batman t-shirt
A cool picture of weird-looking trees ;)
A sparkly Christmassy bracelet
And lots of lovely beautiful cards!
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