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It's almost...

Christmas Eve!

I work tomorrow from 10am-630pm (we close the doors at 6, and God help you if you're not out of there by then!), so no staying up too late for me, but I wanted to get a little done on my Teylafic since tielan is harrassing us for it in every possible forum *g* The annoying thing about this story (which I still have no title for, doh) is that the voices always seem to come most easily to me when I'm away from the keyboard -- in bed or in the shower, which are the usual places, or at work, or driving around. Maybe I need to watch a bit of the relevant parts of Rising again.

*looks around and wonders where her SGA cds went*

Also, since I don't think I've credited yet, this snazzy icon is from emily_reich :)
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