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Taken from Right-Thinking, cause while I disagree with him about a lot of stuff, he's dead on with this:

Here at work, on our internal email server, there has been a discussion about the marginalizing of Christmas.  Since this is Los Angeles, the barking moonbat crowd has been writing all morning about how this is a sham, and nothing but an attempt by the Christian right (and their willing allies in Fox News, of course) to “split the electorate” and continue their fascist oppression of America.  After reading a bit of this idiocy, I decided to put finger to keyboard.

Allow me to preface my dissenting remarks by stating for the record that I am in no way, shape, manner, or form a religious person, and that I often times find the actions of the religious right in this country to be as morally repugnant as most of you seem to. That being said, the whole idea that it’s offensive to use the word Christmas at Christmas time is just idiotic.

Right now, in our lobby, we have a Christmas tree.  Everyone knows it’s a Christmas tree.  Despite its pagan origins from the festival of Saturnalia, every one of us grew up knowing that in December, when you cut down a pine tree, bring it inside, and cover it with bling, that thing is called a Christmas tree.  Yet the tree in our lobby is called a “Non-Denominational Holiday Tree.” Since a Christmas tree is not a Christian symbol, and there is no overtly religious connotation to it, why not just call it a Christmas tree?  Is there anyone here who refers to the tree as anything other than a Christmas tree?  It’s not called an “Accepting Jesus Christ as our Personal Lord and Savior Tree,” it’s a Christmas tree.

Last year, when we lit the Non-Denominational Holiday Tree, there was a Menorah next to it.  Why?  A Menorah has a much more overtly religious connotation to it, yet nobody felt the need to refer to it as a Non-Denominational Holiday Candelabra.

Can any of you name a non-Christian holiday that has been secularized to the point where it is actually considered offensive to utter the name of the holiday?  This would be like discussing Veteran’s Day not being able to use the word Veteran.  “Hey Mike, have a great Non-Denominational Soldier Rememberance Day.” We don’t refer to Passover as the “Non-Denominational Freedom from Egyptian Bondage Festival.”

I agree that Christmas has largely become a secular holiday.  I celebrate it as a day of Santa and Frosty and presents and family, not as the birthday of Jesus.  But I also personally find ridiculous the PC notion that it’s somehow inherently offensive to be able to use the word Christmas to describe something, or to wish someone a Merry Christmas. It’s just stupid.  Referring to a Christmas tree as a Christmas tree does not mean that it is an overt endorsement of Christianity, any more than referring to a Menorah as a Menorah is an overt endorsement of Judeism.

I now return you to the frothing rant against George W. Bush,Republicans, Christians, religious people, and Fox News already in progress.

I'll leave out his final comment for the sake of the children ;)

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