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Some thoughts on Alias: Horizon

So for one reason or another I was really prepared not to like this ep, possibly because of seeing all the lovely good Vaughn numiness the remainder of the season would look like crap by comparison. But one cannot see all of that lovely good Vaughn numiness and not be happy.

Also? Totally not dead. If he had been dead, Syd would have told Imaginary!Vaughn in the plane "you were killed", not just "you were shot", and in the hospital room she would have been more explicit than "you crashed". Plus there was all that about finding each other again; obviously we're supposed to think that they're talking about when she's on the Other Side, but c'mon JJ. We're not that stupid. You thought we'd believe that Lauren might not be the purest form of evil, and that was pure BS that we saw through in like three seconds.

Somebody remind me to delete this post if it turns out I was wrong ;)

So... conclusions? Spymommy = rather possibly evil. But then again, as previously stated, the creator of this show tends to think he's pretty smart, so who knows. Also, I love evil Amy Acker. She needs her own evil spin-off.

Syd on a big ship, liable to give birth at any minute = oy. Just when I start thinking that not all TBCs are that bad...

Jack = aww! I hope my daddy would cut off somebody's ear for me! Seriously, though. Jack totally kicks ass.

Tom Grace was married = and? so? therefore?

Oh, and did anyone get a little extra laugh out of this after watching (or knowing the premise behind) Grace Under Pressure?

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