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Okay, people who can refer to Critical Mass, I need some help.

I'm trying to get the text of the song Teyla sings at the ceremony. I'm terrible at listening to songs and picking out lyrics, unfortunately. I actually think I have most of this one correct, but there's a bit that continues to elude me.

Here's what I'm pretty sure of:

Beyond the night, a rising sun
Beyond the night the battle's won
The battle is won

Fear and shame now in the past
Pain and sorrow gone at last
Gone at last

Circle renewed
Peace will be found
Beyond the night
On sacred ground

But this last bit... this is what it sounds like to my poor stupid cold-plugged ears, but the parts in brackets I'm rather unsure about.

[River flows lead by the wind
Blessed new breath] our journey begins
Our journey begins

Can anyone help? Confirm or deny? Someone on one of the ST lists actually uploaded the wma to YSI, but I'm not sure if I should post the link seeing as how YSI (iirc) has limited downloads. Here... I'll upload it to my own space.

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