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The bad news and the good news

The bad news: after weeks of fending off a nasty combination of allergies/head cold, it's finally caught up with me... in my throat. *hack* No, it's not pretty, but I took meds and gargled, so it doesn't hurt too bad right now.

The good news: I got my registration for next semester signed off by all the important folks except for the registrar's office; I'll tackle them at the beginning of next semester, since I'll have to be there on the first two days anyway. I also got 3 of the 4 signatures for my Project Teach application, which would reduce next semster's tuition by 1/3. If all goes well I should be OKed and get the credit in my student account in the next month or so.

Yes, I'm doing my student teaching next semester. And the semester starts in just about a month! Eek!

More good news: I had my last special ed class tonight! Yay! Also, when I got home my replacement power cord had arrived from Dell. It seems to work just fine, and I've already packed up the old one to send back to Dell and called DHL to schedule a pickup. They still had all my info from when I had to replace my keyboard (which I'm sure kismatt remembers quite well ;) Very easy! Almost too easy... *looks suspicious*

Tomorrow I need to send off my Christmas cards, especially the int'l ones, and maybe go down to work and get some boxes for mom. We're getting our Christmas tree on Friday, which I was kinda bummed about because I wanted to drag Shelby to go see Narnia at the first chance, but I guess I can wait. A little. A very little.
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I'm supposed to go see Narnia Saturday with friends.

And I had to get a replacement from Dell, too - monitor. They sent one that didn't have the little thing on the back for the cords to run through so they don't get tangled? I called and asked just for the part...they couldn't send just the part. Had to send me a whole new monitor (#3)!

Silly. Wasteful.
As I read back over what I wrote, I wasn't clear. My monitor went bad, and they sent me a brand new one. THAT one came without the tiny little loop to hold the cords from tangling, and rather than being able to send me just that little piece, they shipped me a whole NEW monitor and had me ship the replacement back! (Probably so they could put the part on it and send it to someone else! They said it didn't have a part number, so they couldn't order it and ship it...)