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At the moment, they are lighting the National Christmas Tree.

Geeze, don't they know that it's supposed to be the Holiday Tree? Or Friendship Tree? Celebration Tree? Seperation Between Church and State Tree?

There might be someone out there who unthinkingly turns on the television, is faced with the horror of something religious and something governmental in the same setting, and be forced to claw out their own eyes.

Heh heh heh.

UPDATE: Found a funny from the Auburn Plainsman; text behind the cut.

Merry Christmas!

Oops, wait, sorry if you were offended; I meant to say “Happy Holidays."

It's that time of the year again: it's cool to be inoffensive! Don't offend me, I have different views!

You guessed it, Auburn sent out its “diverse,” very inoffensive announcement of the annual lighting of the "Holiday Tree." Well gee golly, what the heck is a "holiday tree" anyway? It better be manufactured out of biodegradable recycled materials too, lest I still be offended.

My family, along with the overwhelming majority of Americans, will be celebrating Christmas. This includes the traditional Christmas Tree. We all know that the Christmas tree is historically borrowed from the pagan winter solstice celebrations, but it's been so called for as long as English as we know it has existed. The tradition of having a tree is a Christian incorporation. Not Jewish, not Muslim. The mere fact of the tree, then, denotes a Christian tradition. This is just a highlight of Auburn's insanely irrational crusade for “Diversity.”

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Then there's the fact that despite the name, the decoration of an evergreen with baubles and lights, has nothing whatsoever to do with the birth of a baby in a desert culture two thousands years ago.

I think it's pretty, and symbolic of celebration, however one chooses to celebrate, and that's all that matters. Don't care what they call it, and making a fuss over it being a Christmas tree just means those people are mean party-poopers who probably hate caroling, too.
Yeah, and Easter eggs don't have anything to do with the resurrection, but so far no one's tried to start calling them Spring Eggs ;)
"We all know that the Christmas tree is historically borrowed from the pagan winter solstice celebrations, ..."

don't even get me started.... ;-)

Merry Christmas and Yuletide blessings! (beg)