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I thought people might be interested in knowing what the 'results' were of my informal Christmas poll, sans names.

Question 1: Americans -- Is the US a Christian nation?
Yes: 50%
No: 50%

Question 2: Non-Americans -- Is the US a Christian nation?
Yes: 33.3%
No: 66.7%

(Of course some had qualifiers *g*)

And on the question Is Christmas a religious (1) or secular (10) holiday?, the average response was 5.85.

That was fun! Let's make another.

(By the way, these are hypothetical questions that I've read about in Gibson's book. If you don't actually have a kid in an American public school, just pretend.)

Question 4: In your kid's public school, is it a Christmas tree or holiday tree?

Christmas tree
holiday tree
no tree

Question 5: On the school calendar, is it a Christmas break or winter break?

Christmas break
winter break
no break

Question 6: Is Santa Claus a religious symbol?

Maybe/I don't know

Have fun!
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for those of us i the southern hemisphere its actually summer finishes in november and goes back in there needs to be another option.....for us aussies.
If I may quote myself ;)

If you don't actually have a kid in an American public school, just pretend.

So pretend the seasons are switched *g*
I didn't vote, because I don't have kids. However, I'm pretty sure our schools here go on winter break instead of Christmas break like we did back in the day when I was in school.

I saw John Gibson on TV the other day, talking about JCPenney (I think), which has a catalog with a children's story in it. The kids were welcoming winter and looking for presents under the "wishes-come-true tree." Oy.
*makes gagging noises towards JCPenney*

I don't shop there, but if I did, I wouldn't anymore.

I hope Kohl's doesn't do something stupid like that, because that's where I work. :D