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Wow, I haven't been online like at all today. Except for now, I mean.

Worked 10-630p today. It actually went by pretty quickly -- we were busy as hell and I was up front in the middle of it all. I also ran around and tidied up and found someone the carpet cleaner they wanted and then talked one of the guys into carrying it halfway across the store for me.


Anyway, by 630 I was pooped. Then I went down to the drug store and bought gum, hair color, and chocolate. Then I came home, ate dinner, coaxed my mom into helping me do my hair, and watched TV.

Where the hell did the day go?

I ordered the complete Chronicles of Narnia off, and it arrived yesterday. Damn but that's a big book!

Working tomorrow 8-430, which means I should get up around 630. Yech. I hate opening shifts. Especially when I don't know what the hell I'm going to be doing tomorrow -- more references, I suppose, or starting in on the friends & family program.

Oh yeah. Christmas cards. Wait, I'll do that in my next post.

Also: I love Dean Koontz.

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