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Just watched last night's Alias. I liked it!

I have to say that while I don't care for Renie (I can't watch her in a scene without staring at her teeth), I have come to like both Tom and Rachel. Rachel has that vulnerable-yet-spunky thing going on, and like Syd she can dress up in slutty clothes and still look rather cute and nonskankish. Tom is no-nonsense but he has a nice dry sense of humor, and I enjoyed the scenes between him and Rachel... not in a shippy sense, really, but the potential is there.

By the way, does anyone else think that Tom Grace (played by Balthazar Getty -- that's one hell of a name) could totally be John Sheppard's long-lost half brother? Or cousin? Or... I don't know, there's just something about Tom's voice. And scruffiness.

Good on Sloane for sticking up to whatshisname, although I guess we'll have to see how long that actually lasts. Yay seeing Amy Acker again -- it's so fun watching her be fun-evil, not ew-evil like the baddie she became on Angel.

Sweet little fade to black there at the end. Sloane with Nadia's five-seconds of screen time, Rachel and her family, and Syd with a tape of her snoogie. Of course I still believe that Vaughn is alive, somewhere recovering from his injuries witness-protection-program-like.

After all, JJ thought he could get away with making us believe that Lauren wasn't an evil bitch. Yeah right.

In other news, I've finished Batman: No Man's Land. While the hoped-for ship didn't pan out, and the ending was a little rushed, it's by far the best DC-related book I've read (by comparison, the Justice League of America series blows goats). If you like Bats, and Babs and Dick and Tim and the crew, I highly reccommend it.

I think I'm going to color my hair again before my student teaching interview on Tuesday, since it's been about six weeks. I think I'm going to go brown this time... and yes, I consider myself a brunette, but more in the ash-brown family. I want something richer. More... peppy.

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