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Survivor, Apprentice and ER were all entertaining tonight, and Alias is currently downloading. I love Thursday night TV.

Back to work tomorrow after 3 lovely days off. I'm kinda confused because the Pers Ops manager made it sound like they were going to have me come in and do references again, so I was expecting to get a call from him (or someone) telling me, or giving me different hours than the 10-630 I was assigned on the schedule, but I didn't. Either that means that they didn't find anyone to cover my shift, or they did and figured 10-630 was still okay even if I'm going to be doing something different. (They asked me to come in Tuesday, but I begged off.)

Speaking of doing something different, the managers and area supes had a meeting on Monday and apparently one of the things they decided was that they want me to head up the Friends & Family program. F&F is basically seasonal hiring where we take on friends and family of employees during the really busy part of the year, to do easy-but-important stuff like bagging for cashiers. They get paid hourly, of course, and they also get our employee discount, so it's popular with people who just want a bit of extra dough for Christmas. Now, the only real admin stuff I've ever done was in the very beginning when I was helping keep track of who'd taken what computer training courses, and that seems like nothing compared to this. The manager ensured me that he and my area supe would both have their hands in the mix too, I think so I wouldn't feel overwhelmed, and I accepted the job. It's something different, at least, and if it means I get to spend less time with idiot customers... so much better for me *g*

Now... on to books. I bought Batman: No Man's Land and Batman: Knightfall at B&N yesterday (and reupped my membership with them too... $25 is a little steep, but I have the feeling the 10% will come in handy in the coming year). I'm about three-quarters done with NML and so far I think it's pretty great. All the major players are there, and there is slight ship in the form of jealousy (I'm hoping for more in the end, but I don't know how the author swings regarding such things). It's in the comics continuity, but I'm getting better at keeping those straight. Anyway, the writing is solid, the characterizations are totally from the horse's mouth to begin with, and it's... not artistic, maybe, but clever. And really, what more can you ask for?

I also got John Gibson's The War on Christmas in the mail today, from I'm waiting to read that until I can work up some really righteous anger *g*

I've been having one of those weeks where music hates me. Yesterday, on the hour drive to and from school, the radio station I always listen to and usually love totally sucked. It seems like every other song they played was from U2 or Green Day (and while I have a certain fondness for BoBD, Green Day in general has to be one of the most overrated bands ever. Seriously. Yech).

Um... let's see. Anything else?


Nope, I guess that's it for now.

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