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Question of the day

Does Geena Davis have lockjaw?

Is that why, every time I see a scene from The Show with the First Female President [subliminal message]Who Can Never be as Cool as Hillary[/subliminal message], she looks like one of her bratty little kids Superglued her teeth together?
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Ok. I am probably reading your subliminal message wrong, but are you saying you would *like* Hilary to be president??

Ohh! Ok. I knew something was wrong...either my perception or body of the two. :D

Glad it was the first one. :D
If you ever see me say anything positive about Hillary Clinton, please arrange to have me shot. It's what I would have wanted.
Oh dear, Rach. Haven't you been paying attention to Ms. Flagship-female-figure-for-young-Republicans over here? ;-)
'cause she's always acting like she's drawing on a bow in an archery contest, and she needs to grit her teeth to do that?

Never liked Geena Davis as an actress. Likely never will.
I've liked her in some stuff. But this is the first time I've noticed her doing the lockjaw thing.
Maybe it's from having to work with Donald Sutherland? Or maybe it's her interpretation of the direction to "look determined"?