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Though not the biggest guest role in the episode, it is a character important to the story. He appears in at least two major scenes, according to information available.

Excuse me while I die laughing.


I personally find all of the CSIs pathetic and mockable. Kind of like Shanks. Hmm. Might be a good fit.
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you know when they count the 'major scenes' that they're grasping at straws ;)
That'll give me even more reason to mock CSI: Miami - David Caruso is the younger version of William Shatner in terms of how bad his acting is. Being able to laugh at him is about the only reason I watch the show. :)
Yeah, but they're at opposite ends of the spectrum. Shatner over-acts and Caruso under-acts. Both are equally eye-stabbing though.

Not that anybody will care, I love CSI Vegas (can't stand Miami or NY).
I think I was thinking more of the delivery. "We should .... investigate the .... crime scene .... and then ... (removes sunglasses) ... we'll catch them." etc., etc.

And yes, I do like the original CSI, though I have to say I prefer NCIS for the humorous side that it has.
Ahhh, yes. I understand now. I guess I haven't watched Caruso enough to have noticed that. ;o)

I don't think I have a preference between CSI and NCIS. I agree about the humor, but CSI focuses on science so much it evens out for me.
Shanks on CSI? I hope they're prepared for a new kind of crappy acting ;)

Oh forget it, i suck at faking my excitement
He's on the worst of the three show, definitely. Miami is barely palatable, even for mockery. And that release from his publicist? I think I'd kill myself if I had to send out stuff that read like that.