Oh my God.

Oh. My. God.

Oh my God.

Thank you. You've vastly improved my work day.
Well what can I say but HAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! and what is that thing on his face???????????????
Oh, My Goodness!!!!
That is just so wrong for so many reasons. I almost feel sorry for the guy and, by that look on his face, I think he feels sorry for himself, too!

And, another word, Michael--get a trainer--those biceps are just pitiful.

o yeah ,he has def. out grown stargate ,no wonder he left in search for something better

(and no wonder he wanted back)
oh my goodness.
Here's hoping that with a regular salary from Stargate season 7 that Shanks can afford a personal trainer.
Now, now, Alli. I know you're just jealous 'cos we UKers get it April 30th this year, whereas there's no date been confirmed for anywhere else. (IMDb)

Deepending on how bored I am and how much money I have, I might actually see it. I haven't laughed really hard at anything in ages. :)