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Nobody cares about Horseface and Bucky

WASHINGTON: Britain's Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall are to make a hastily arranged trip to New Orleans to meet victims of Hurricane Katrina, but the public response to their US visit appears to be one of profound indifference.

A Gallup poll found that 80 per cent of Americans had no interest in the eight-day tour that began in New York overnight. Only 19 per cent wanted to meet Charles and Camilla, according to the poll that appeared in USA Today under the headline "Visit is a royal bore for most in the USA". By contrast, 30 per cent would like to meet Princes William and Harry.

And considering that Bucky's big reason for being here is to convince Americans "to share his fondness for Islam"...
... Charles evidently has not read the murdering passages of the Koran. (See footnote #1). Nor has he taken into consideration the Muslim time line for making Islam world rule. (See footnote #2). (story + footnotes; thorough timeline of Islamic violence)
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