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Hey andveryginger

From our good friend liberal Larry, these words of wisdom:
Although we wouldn't be caught dead at a Support-Our-Troops rally or a Veterans' Day Parade, progressives across the nation will gather in their communities tonight to honor those we've spent the last 40 years dishonoring: the baby-killing, corpse-burning, genital-mocking, Quran-mishandling, innocent-civilian-torturing, wedgie-giving, uneducated, brainwashed fascist morons who were tricked into the service by unscrupulous recruiters. It's not a celebration, but a time to collectively mourn the loss of people we care enough about to actually pretend like we give damn. And while our maudlin displays of national self-loathing may ultimately embolden the enemy and bring us closer to the Big Three-Oh-Oh-Oh, each candle lit will cleanse us of any misguided guilt we share for constantly kicking our uniformed men and women in the metaphorical nards.

We owe the troops that much.
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I'm one of those troops, and you, frankly, are an asshole. I do hope you've joined up, unlike noted rightie Dick "I had other priorities" Cheney. Funny how so many of the rightwingers bitch about the left allegedly not supporting the troops, but there's a conspicuous shortage of chickenhawks over in Iraq.

Somebody on the right needs to figure out that the reason the approval ratings are dropping is because the public is getting tired of all the lies, just like yours.

The left is the party of the elite? Really? Pot, kettle. I must have missed Dick Cheney and Rich Boy Bush's presence in the bread line. Then again, they're too busy giving jobs to their incompitant crony buddies. Who cares if a bunch of poor people die? It's not like they're allowed to vote.

Stop telling lies. Most of all, stop telling them to yourself. You believe the left is made up of rich people? Take a look at your own rich white boy party.