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General warning: The yahoogroups list samandjack has been infected with a mutated strain of the virus known as s. danieljackson which caused widespread plague and panic several years ago. This new strain is being labelled cheese w. whine virus after its discoverer, Mr. P. Earl Cheese.

Symptoms are varied, and it is rare to be a carrier for the disease without some manifestation of symptoms. These include:
- profound anger that Stargate SG-1 has been renewed for a 10th season

- vehemently expressed desire that the show be cancelled

- annoyance towards those who still enjoy the program

- expressed belief that one can be a fan of the show and still desire its cancellation.

If you or someone you know is exhibiting two or fewer of these symptoms, alert a medical professional. The manifestation of all the above symptoms, however, calls for a more drastic treatment:
1) Turn off your television

2) Turn off your computer

3) Gather your television remote and your computer keyboard.

4) Bash these two items together until neither are functioning.
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