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I'm hyper.

So the master list for the mckayweir ficathon is right here. I know some people are kind of weirded out by the pairing (which, I have to admit, is part of its perverse appeal), but if it will convince anyone to take a look I will say that everything I've read thus far has been friendship-based, with maybe a squidge of UST. In other words, good clean fun. Honestly, at this point in the show I couldn't see anything more serious than that being remotely plausible.

And thinking about this made me start thinking about Atlantis pairings in general. I apologize in advance, and I've tried to put the worst tangents behind cuts.

I held off for most of the first season from getting very attached to this show, for some reason or another, but I feel now that I'm making up for lost time. Maybe it was the lack of a real OTP that threw me, or the more expansive cast of characters (compared to SG-1 and other shows I've slobbered over, like The X-Files). I have to admit, the free-for-all in SGA shipdom is a little dizzying, and that's not even counting the slash. (We don't count the slash here unless we can't help it.) I've avoided - or tried to avoid - shows with that kind of free-for-all, in canon. I stopped watching Dawson's Creek when the cute, semi-pure Joey/Dawson stuff went all screwy with like fourteen different people involved. I had trouble taking the latter half of Buffy seriously because the stuff with Spike just seemed so weird after the smushy cuteness of Buffy/Angel. I guess what I like is when PTBs pick a pairing and stick with it and don't jerk people around. There was a bit more jerking than I might have liked in SG-1, but it all turned out OK.

Hmm. That last bit just sounds wrong.

Anyway. I guess I kind of equated a lack of SGA OTP with some kind of subconscious concern that it was going to be like Dawson's Creek (now there's an image) with everybody shacking up and me tearing out my hair and running, screaming, from the room. In that same vein, I'm used to having a OTP to cheer on. With Voyager it was Janey and Chuckles (and in my mind, he dumped the Borg and she smacked him around but eventually forgave him and now they live in a little hut in the woods with a monkey and a hot tub and he tells her hot porny stories every night). With X-Files it was, duh, Mulder and Scully (which ended like crap which was sad because of the amazing potential there but it's still fun to go back and watch old episodes and remember hyperventilating over the slightest lingering look or sly innuendo). With SG-1, again, duh, Sam and Jack, and it's with a strange fondness that I remember gritting my teeth at Lara and falling out of my chair at "Divide and Conquer" and falling out of it harder at "Window of Opportunity". Shows without ship... they flicker off my radar soon enough. Maybe I was afraid of that, too.

But with Atlantis... I finally started seeing the possibilities. That a show can be scifi (because I know there's someone out there reading this and wondering if I even think about stuff like plot, and it's possibly yamadara or chiroho) and be about people at the same time and not be necessarily about those people shacking up.

Of course, that's very quickly taken care of in fanfic.

So just some random pairing thoughts.

Sheppard/Teyla - this is my first inclination, maybe just because he's hot and she's pretty, and matching up hot/pretty is fun, or because of their flirty bit in "Rising", or because I get a kick out of matching a big shot pilot up with a girl who can kick his ass, or because she's alien without sacrificing her kindness and humanity while he's so an Earthman and yet is somewhat emotionally distant and that's an interesting dichotomy.

As of "Lost Boys", the last episode to be aired, I don't see their relationship becoming physical, beyond the whole ass-kicking thing, and despite (because?) of the kiss from "Condemned". Teyla's already given a lot up in becoming what she is... the Athosian representative in Atlantis, which the rest of her people left because they weren't comfortable there. (I don't know that she's comfortable there either, but she's a survivor and she can adapt.) In getting as close as she has to the Earthlings she's separated herself from her own people. I don't think she's ready at this point to share a bed with anybody from Atlantis, especially not a close friend, especially especially not someone who's in a position of authority over her 'on the clock'. At the same time it's fun to see that physical awareness between them, and to know that the characters (like Sam and Jack before them, bless their souls) have the capacity to be tempted and yet not give into that temptation.

Not right away, anyhow.

McKay/Weir - this pairing is all about the geek love. People seem to like matching up the brains and the brawn (see: Jack/Daniel) probably because they're brains also and it makes them happy to imagine winding up with the resident hottie. I think it's more fun to toss the two brains together and watch them bounce around.

Hee! Bouncing brains!

I probably have a more unflattering perception of Elizabeth than a lot of people. She's a good character. She shows character. She's tenacious and clever. However, she's not the ravishing heroine. If Atlantis has a ravishing heroine, it's Sheppard. I consider Elizabeth fairly average, other than her diplomatic skill (which, remind me, have we actually seen evidence of?). I think the President chose her for the post at the SGC because she was less scary than a big bald Air Force General during a time when Hayes seemed to anticipate the SG program becoming public. She did a good job during her short tenure and she has connections, so she got the post at the Antarctic outpost. Suddenly that job turned into an expedition, and a risky one, and they tried to take it away from her but through tenacity and, again, connections, she was able to hang on. There's a lot about Elizabeth that hasn't been explicitly revealed to us, such as why this expedition was so important that she was willing to leave everything behind? Then you have Rodney, who's the scientist's scientist, totally confident in his cognitive abilities and totally not confident in anything else, including his bodily functions and the mental capacity of most people around him, always trying to show other people up but probably only because his mommy and daddy never gave him enough love when he was a wee little Canuck. He's annoying, but then again Elizabeth can be annoying too, so it's a nice fit.

Again, this isn't a friendship that's likely to become physical any time soon, which is good because even though I like playing with the pairing in a friendship-bordering-on-puppylove way the idea of LizzieRodneyHotSex kind of makes me queasy, but again, it's that playing on the borderline that's fun.

Wow, this is a long post. I have more thoughts, but I think I'll shut up for the time being, before somebody calls the nice men in the white jackets.

Peace out!
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