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Fic: Answer All the Questions

Title: Answer All the Questions
Author: Alli Snow
Summary: It happened on Tuesday, and it was the last thing Elizabeth expected.
Category: Pre-Atlantis, friendship
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Notes: This was in reponse to Islay's challenge at the mckayweir ficathon, which asked for a pre-Atlantis story with Jell-O and a cat. Thanks to seldear for the beta.

( Answer All the Questions )
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That was MAHVELOUS, Dahling! Simply MAHVELOUS. I don't, in fact, read all the SGA fic on my flist, but I am sooooooooo glad I read this one. You captured Rodney PERFECTLY!

Loved it from beginning to end!
*adores alli*

I love that. I could just hear the bickering and the sniping. You got their voices perfectly, and tied everything together beautifully.

For you & Sue, if you gave me fic like this, I'd be happy to ship Weir/McKay :-D
Hi, I read your McKay/Weir fic "Answer All The Questions" over a year ago and I loved it. I thought of it recently and wanted to rec it to other people, but now that I've come back the link isn't working for me. ( Have you changed it?