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Snigger of the day, from Blame Bush

"Georgie Bush's peeResidency has been one series of staged photo-ops after another, often with handpicked U.S. troops who don't hate his stinking guts and are therefore incapable of providing the sort of objective war commentary one finds on Arianna Huffington's website. His recent teleconference with brainwashed U.S. troops is no exception. In a televised and obviously staged event, Bush spoke with a group of "soldiers" who were upbeat and optimistic about the war in Iraq and the upcoming elections - a complete contradiction of the latest CNN poll showing that a majority of Americans think we should immediately surrender and beg the International Community for forgiveness. Heck, I doubt any of Bush's pet grunts could even read, let alone peruse the op-ed pages of the New York Times for a clue about what's really going on over there.

Furthermore, the blaring absence of any angry jihadists, fire-breathing mullahs, or Cindy Sheehan made it impossible to get a fair and balanced presentation of the facts. How can we obtain a complete perspective on the war when one excludes the opinion of half the people who are fighting it?

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