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I just brushed my teeth with my new electric toofbrush and it still feels like my mouth is vibrating.

Also -- Amy Acker as a baddie on Alias! I love it!

UPDATE: In more icky news, I've signed up to take the RICA (Reading Instruction Competence Assessment, which I need before the state can issue me a credential). $140 -- nasty. I'm going to be taking it some time on December 3rd in the Sac area... so pandora_576, you think I could stay with you the night of the 2nd? *looks hopeful*

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  • *sobs*

    FRINGE. That is all.

  • Maybe watching three episodes in a row is a bit much...

    ... especially when one is already hormonal and prone to weepiness. Damn you, Fringe... *wipes eyes*

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