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It's done!

Yes, my friends, I have finished a vid. In a fandom I've never ever vidded before. Yay!

Title: Twenty-four
Show: Battlestar Galactica
Song: "24" by Jem
Spoilers: Only for the miniseries
Size: 16.3 MB (.wmv)


UPDATE: Okay, I've figured out how to fix the aspect ratio thing. One sec while I re-up. Also bringing down the filesize.

Okay, take two: DOWNLOAD (size: 10 MBish)

I'm not on any BSG communities whatsoever, so if anyone wants to spread this link around, well, that would be sweet :)
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The faux graininess really worked well. I was confused when I saw you'd only used footage from the mini - I wondered how you'd have enough to work with the song you'd chosen, but it actually worked really well.
Very cool. The song is perfect for the darkness that is BSG. As always, you picked lovely scenes to fit the words. Hubby thought the grain was cool.