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Finally got to watching last Friday's Battlestar.

I have to say this is probably my favorite episode in a long time. Not much in the way of humor, really, which is what I'd love to see, but it did have some "awww how cute!" moments that gave warm fuzzies... very unusual for this show. The Chief and his ship... it was somewhat predictable that others would start to believe him and join in, but still heartwarming, especially considering that Kara and Dee and even Tigh chipped in in their own way. The maiden voyage was great... Starbuck can be so evil sometimes. The slaughter of the Cylon forces, after Sharon shut them down (ew) was macabre and uplifting at the same time. It was just what the crew needed to get their spirits up, I think.

Oh, and the near-suffocation scene? Very cute -- again, in its own way. I think I "aww"ed out loud when Lee and Kara aimed that last shot together.

But come on... couldn't we have gotten a little oxygen-deprivation tongue?

*hugs the Chief*

UPDATE: Look, I made a Chief pretty!
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