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Biden is such a total JACKASS. It's really astounding.

I heart John Roberts. Of course I would heart him more if he would punch Biden in the face! Bwahahaha!
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This is why I just rolled my eyes at the idiots who were insisting that President Bush needed to pick someone "non-controversial" and "moderate." It doesn't matter who the President picked. Unless he chose Ted Kennedy or Bill Clinton, the Democrats would hate the nominee (and they might have turned their wrath on the two I mentioned, because obviously if Pres. Bush was nominating them, they must be EEeeeeeevil).

If the Dems are going to give any candidate a public anal exam no matter what, President Bush was much better off nominating whoever the heck he wanted. To some extent, the libs have screwed themselves... because if they weren't guaranteed to strenuously object to anybody the President nominated, they actually would have stood a better chance of getting someone closer to their own views.
Yeah, the term "moderate" in politics is up there with "team" in fandom ;)

I have to admit, I don't know much about Roberts, or I didn't, but I definitely like what I see in how he handles these morons.