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hwcarnage made me another pretty!
But would she shave her head?

Did you see last night's episode? I had a favorite line, but I don't want to spoil it if you haven't seen it.
And now I've lost it - dang this mentalpausal brain! But it was when she's on the stairs, and says to Col. Caldwell, "You best keep that in mind," or something like that and turns and walks away up the stairs.

Dang my brain!
At the very end? That scene bugged me, actually. I thought she was awfully mean to Caldwell.

I think it was something like "I'm not your enemy." "You don't want to be."
Yes, that was the line. Ah, now that you say that, I can see where it would seem mean.

But Caldwell has been itching to have Shephard's job since he came to the show. Early in the season he wanted to take over. (It might have been in spoilers I read - or dialogue back then - his attitude came from his feeling that *he* should have had that position to start with. (If you ask me, commander of the ship is way cooler...)

I just wonder if his attitudes - and how he tried to change everything while John was out of the loop - epitomizes a lot of what Elizabeth doesn't like about the military (from the Jessica Stein/SG-1 episodes). And she has grown to trust John, whereas while she's grateful for Caldwell's support his character provides the "foil" for her character that her growing trust and friendship with John lost for the series. She doesn't have Washington Bureaucrats breathing down her neck all the time, like the SGC does, so Caldwell is her "thorn". (No Simmons or Woolsey - so far)

I don't know. Yes, it seemed "claws out", but still, delicious. Just a kind of "Watch it, buster! Don't mess with me." thing.
Well of course he wanted to take over... he outranks Shep, and I'm sure he's more experienced. Maybe he felt like Sam did at the beginning of SG1... that she should have been on that first mission to Abydos, dammit, and she's not going to get left behind again. I think his attitude about wanting to change things is just part of being military-- sometimes a comrade falls and you need to step in. I don't think it's in his character to just keep someone's seat warm, like she was expecting. I think she does trust Sheppard, and she wants to keep him as the ranking military officer on Atlantis because he cooperates with her; he doesn't try to take over. That's good from Lizzie's point of view, but is it really the best thing for the city?

Basically, I think Caldwell tried to reach out to her in Conversion (whether or not he did a good job is a matter of debate ;)) and she pushed him away. And I think, as a trained and skilled negotiator, she would know better. Caldwell's not a fave character or anything, but I felt sympathetic for him after watching this episode.

Dude! That icon rocks.

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