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Today's word count: 713.

Whew! Just squeaked in.

I'm feeling better about my progress, maybe because I just wrote my first bit from Shep's POV, and he's such the everyman. Or maybe it's because I decided that my main OC's name - Azeza - just wasn't working. I discovered this when I was reading my test prep book.

How does that work? you ask. Well, this test prep book has sample questions. And of course we don't want to discriminate against other cultures by just using the names Joe and Billy and Sally and so on, and one of the names in a particular example was Ghazaleh. And I saw that and went, that is so my OC's name.

And it's all good.

(PS: my story in full is now 5,300 words. Weird. Seems like it should be more.)

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