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Very sad.

Hearing about this stuff on the news made me sick. The looting, the bathroom rapes, the people shooting at police, or boats coming in to take refugees aboads, the general chaos and anarchy... we're supposed to be better than this. And I have to believe that most people are, that it's only certain segments of the population that are behind most of this... although that probably makes me a bigot.
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Unfortunately, it was those "certain segments of population" that got left behind as they couldn't afford to evacuate and had nowhere to go. The planning for such situations just wasn't there and so now people are suffering for their leaders' incompetence. And no, I'm not picking on any one leader, there was a general failure throughout. Anyway, from all I've heard, New Orleans wasn't all that lawful to start with, and this is just meant "free for all" for the loons.

Okie dokie, that's my rant for the day.
You won't be the first, last, or only bigot. ;o)

I was telling my husband last night that we need a "stupid" button so we can press it in times like these. "Looters, rioters, rapists? Poof, be gone bitches."