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Okay, I was talking about this in my previous post, but I decided to give it it's own, because it's late and therefore everything is funny.
{Vish 2:32:48 AM} Please complete the following
Click start,
Click Run,here type in Winmsd and click ok.
In the new window ,let me know what you see in the row,next to bios version /date
{ 2:32:53 AM} ok
{ 2:33:38 AM} 2/12/2004
{Vish 2:34:03 AM} It would says A08 or A09.
{Vish 2:34:11 AM} Please let me know what it says?
{ 2:34:55 AM} before the date it says Dell Inc. A01
{Vish 2:35:21 AM} Okay.Please give me a moment.


Guy is probably thinking 01? what the hell?

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