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Update on my Shep, Shep & More Shep music video

I have completed 1:33 of this 3:14 song.

At this rate I'll be done by Christmas.


Oh, and I finally got my money back from the bastards at PayPal.

sjhw_tolerance, your check is in the mail (or will be, once I walk it over there).

Picked up a 12-4pm shift at work today... they needed it covered, and hey, I always need the money; this is going to be an awesome paycheck that I will immediately have to turn around and spend on various bills. Oh well. Then I'm going straight to school so I can get in before the bookstore closes and buy The Textbook From Hell, assuming they have it in stock this time. And I might bring my lappy along because class isn't until 7pm. Which means I should probably ask the MOD if I can keep it in the office because I ain't leaving it out in my car... one car stolen and one broken into (in my knowledge) since we opened is too much of a risk for me to leave my baby out there.

Don't mind me, I'm just talking to myself.

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