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From Joe's GW blog

"Prep began on The Scourge and The Long Goodbye (which will allow Tori to flex more than her acting muscle as Weir "opens a can of whup ass" on Sheppard)."

*laughs her ass off*

Oh God... the image...

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Actually I find it rather hard to imagine. He'd certainly have to not be expecting it given that he's trained in H2H combat and she's not!
*is still laughing*

I have this image of Liz turning into the Hulk or something.

"Grr! Weir smash!"

Or maybe the Daedalus is delayed and she has to go through PMS without Midol or chocolate ;)
If that were the case, I can almost begin to imagine a scene from the premiere of Farscape.

Don't think you watch that, but this pic should give you an idea ->

Aeryn always wore the pants in that relationship. ;)
Don't think many people are - if any others. Be interesting to see Aeryn v Sheppard though. Somehow I think I'd have my money on Aeryn ..... :D
Darn. I'd forgotten that!

And of course, he'd be distracted as he'd have to think twice about hitting her. I mean, she is his love interest boss. :D
I think someone who's been in the miliary as long as he has would be able to keep from getting his ass kicked, regardless.

I'm sticking with my Hulk theory until I hear more spoilers.
True. He should be able to escape getting thrown to the floor.

Unless she gets taken by a Goa'uld! Or gains amazing Ancient powers! Or eats a can of spinach while saying "ug, ug, ug"!

BWAHAHAHAH!!! Oh yes, some, um, interesting imagery indeed. ;)
"Next week, on a very special Atlantis... the rest of the Atlantis expedition gets upset that so far Teyla and Ford have gotten to smack Sheppard around, and they haven't. Hilarity ensues!"