Alli Snow (allisnow) wrote,
Alli Snow

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My brain has been hijacked.

That in itself is not surprising. Everyone who has a muse/multiple muses knows that they are the ones that actually control our brains, and we're often just along for the ride. What's surprising is that my brain has been hijacked by a Battlestar whim. Vid, not fic, but still... I was pretty floored.

The muse is demanding a Kara/Kara&Lee vid to the Howie Day song "She Says". I had previously noted that it seemed a rather appropriate song for Starbuck, but last night on the way to pick up Sel I heard an acoustic version and thus the hijacking. The only crappy thing is that I only have two BSG episodes downloaded, so now I have to wait for more torrents to finish up so I have more material.

Hmm. I need a BSG icon. Anyone?
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