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SciFi Friday thoughts in less than 30 seconds

SG-1: Wow, I didn't realize how much I missed Sam until bam, there she was. Kind of sucks that they played into the Oris' hands, of course, and they really should have known better than to trust a Goa'uld. Vala actually showed some backbone, yay her, although I'm not really sad that she's been sent to another galaxy. Also, Sam and Jack are totally doing it.

SGA: Another brilliant McKay episode, although Dad didn't think too highly of poor Rodney's actions. And neither did Liz, it seemed. Heh, he got chewed out. Also, last week's liking for Dex has been chipped away by the crap he pulled tonight, because really, he was an asshole. Also, thoughts on why this episode was called Trinity?

BSG: Wow, an episode that actually engendered a smile or two. Also, Lee and Kara totally need to be doing it.

Well, it took me more than 30 seconds to write it, but I'm figuring it shouldn't take much more than that to read.
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Also, thoughts on why this episode was called Trinity?

The first nuclear explosion in history took place in New Mexico, at the Alamogordo Test Range, on the Jornada del Muerto (Journey of Death) desert, in the test named Trinity.