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One thing I wanted to do before I leave for Vegas... mostly because I'm almost done rereading Half-Blood Prince. Because it's related, I will put it behind a cut, although I expect that makes about as much sense as using spoiler space for SG-1's Divide and Conquer two weeks after the fact.

Poll #551374 Snape

Pick one:

Snape is evil
Snape is good
Snape doesn't know
I don't know
Oh geez, is this more Harry Potter crap?

I have also decided that even though he acts like he doesn't care (beyond how it effects him) Harry really is pro-Ron/Hermione, because it's after he drinks the lucky potion (and a result of his actions -- putting on the Cloak) that Lavender thinks Won-Won was up in the boy's dorm, alone, with her. And so they broke up, and so Hermione is no longer trying to attack Ron with birdies.

Well hey... it follows the same logic as his nudging Ginny (thereby leading to her and Dean's breakup).

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