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Pointless non-fandom/politic post

I've finished rereading Goblet of Fire and have moved on to rereading Order of the Phoenix. I'm enjoying it more this time than previously, maybe because I know that Harry will eventually get out of his fifth-year funk and also because it's interesting to look back on the events in this book knowing what transpires in Half-Blood Prince. I think it's starting to effect me, though... earlier today I referred to someone as a "git", and the further I get into the book the grumpier I become. I've been kind of snappish all day, except for when I was drinking margaritas, and none of my 700+ mp3s are really doing it for me.

On the other hand, I bought an interesting-looking movie - Trapped with Kevin Bacon - on for about $5. I saw part of it when I worked at the movie theater back in... 2002, was it? Anyway, if anyone's seen it, don't tell me anything -- I don't want my opinions influenced ;)

I posted some more of my Justice League story, Redux, last night, and I even wrote a little bit more of it. Yay me.

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You're doing exactly what I've been planning to do. Finish reading the Half-Blood Prince and then reread all of them. I've now read about 200 pages (only bought it this Sunday) and so far I'm quite pleased. The dialogue is witty, Ron and Hermione are really quite sweet and I'm intrigued where it's all leading up to. Can't wait for the rest of it.