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I don't know why I'm taking time posting, or even going online, cause dude, I have to be at work in half an hour.

But I wanted to do this really quick.

The sword fight was kind of amusing. Vala actually getting fire-roasted was kind of a surprise, as I was expecting a last-minute rescue. Which was kind of what happened, I suppose. They're trying to make us think that these Ori aren't so bad, but we know better, don't we? I think the best thing about this show right now is probably the characters and their fun dialogue, more so than the actual stories, but maybe I'm just out of whack because I've been reading so many spoilers.

So at first I felt kind of bad for Lizzie, because "you were gone a long time" and she was only gone a year and during this time of people being overseas away from their loved ones for even longer then that, this just seemed like a weak excuse to get Simon out of the picture. But like sjhw_tolerance pointed out, in her letter home Lizzie told Simon to move on. And then she looked all surprised when he did. WTF? Also, how did Shep and Rodney's glider not fly into the sun at the end of the episode? I thought they still didn't have navigational control? Oh well. Other than that it was a fun little episode, even if my dad did keep saying "they did that on Star Trek" and making Hal jokes.

I know this show is supposed to be so so good, and I do enjoy it because if I didn't I wouldn't be watching, but I wish they were somehow able to insert a little more humor -- even though it would be, by necessity, very dark.

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