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About halfway through HP&HBP...

Is it a spoiler to say...

I wonder if HP shipdom has exploded yet?

I'm sitting here reading this stuff and laughing my ass off. In the good way, of course.
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Yes. It has so exploded.

As in, seriously, exploded. As in, heads spinning around and around and blowing up...
Crap. I posted that last thing last night, woke up this morning and thought: "I hope Sue didn't mind spoiler for the whole book."

*cowers in fear*

If you didn't want spoilers for the whole book, I'm really, really, really sorry! :(
Well *I* assumed from your post that you had, which was why I held off going to your lj until I finished reading ;)
Don't fret. Spoilers for the whole book were fine. It will be some time before I can read it and I'm always curious.
So far, the ships that have been revealed are ones I've suspected, so I'm good. *grin* The big one, though, is still a mystery.