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Ugh, sleepy...

I went into El Dorado at 8:30am, expecting to get my fieldwork assignment from Badal (who actually seemed like a pretty nice guy this morning, so now I feel bad. Must be a morning person). I ended up actually doing my first 1.5 hours, which... well, I didn't expect. I hadn't brought my assignment or even my notebook, so I had to write notes on the back of my fieldwork guidelines sheet. The teacher - an older woman, has been teaching for three years, seems very nice - wasn't prepared either, although I did do some small group work with some of the more advanced kids. For 3rd graders, they seem very mature and - even better - very enthusiastic about learning. Lots of raised hands, they were practically jumping out of their seats to pick out a book from the class library, and the teacher keeps them in line by telling them they can't play vocabulary BINGO if they misbehave. I'm almost sad I only have to do 15 hours this semester.

Now... back to the vid *g*
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