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Ugh, sleepy...

I went into El Dorado at 8:30am, expecting to get my fieldwork assignment from Badal (who actually seemed like a pretty nice guy this morning, so now I feel bad. Must be a morning person). I ended up actually doing my first 1.5 hours, which... well, I didn't expect. I hadn't brought my assignment or even my notebook, so I had to write notes on the back of my fieldwork guidelines sheet. The teacher - an older woman, has been teaching for three years, seems very nice - wasn't prepared either, although I did do some small group work with some of the more advanced kids. For 3rd graders, they seem very mature and - even better - very enthusiastic about learning. Lots of raised hands, they were practically jumping out of their seats to pick out a book from the class library, and the teacher keeps them in line by telling them they can't play vocabulary BINGO if they misbehave. I'm almost sad I only have to do 15 hours this semester.

Now... back to the vid *g*
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elementary excitement for learning
From my experience (seven years as a substitute teacher, three as a special education aide, one as a school secretary and 35 years as the daughter of a school secretary--not all consecutive ;), third-graders still have excitement and enthusiasm for learning. For some reason, by fourth grade, this begins to wane. They're discovering (probably through the media?) that school isn't cool, being the top kids in class isn't cool, etc.

Of course, personally, I enjoyed working with at-risk high schoolers the most. I must be crazy, but I remember feeling excited and rewarded when the kids I worked with on high school algebra, science, and geometry advanced to calculus and physics classes and earned C and higher grades when they weren't expected to complete high school.

Anyway, enough ruminating for now.