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Results of the Discovery Channel's "Greatest American" thingymajig.

I actually think everyone who made the top 5 was deserving. 6 and 7 -- depends on your politics. Everything after that... some deserve it more than others, IMO, but when you're dealing with a moniker as vague as "greatest American" then you're going to have folks from all over the place. And I'm sure the folks who supported each person on that list had their own genuine reasons for doing so. Except for Oprah. That's just wrong.
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And -- Alli you might revoke my GOP card here -- I don't think I agree with George W. Bush being in the top ten...

And Bill Clinton? Cut me a frelling break. FDR should so outrank him -- no matter what your politics. And what about Woodrow Wilson? Gaaaah

Well that goes back to what I said about 6 and 7 being political ;) This list, as far as I know, wasn't compiled by scholars... it was compiled by everyday people *g*

And hey, at least we did better than the UK -- in a similiar poll over there, they chose Karl Marx as #1 ;)

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