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Justice League: Epilogue


Well that was very... un-Justice Leaguish.


Yeah. Weird.

*puzzles some more*


Very strange.

I can't even say I know how I feel about it. Except I'm glad that JLU got renewed, because as a series finale?

Yeah. Odd.

Terry is his son. Because of Waller's genetic manipulation.

I suppose I feel kind of let down... but mostly because I have no interest in Batman Beyond and, as much as I wuv Bruce, it would have been nice to make this more about the JL as a whole, instead of it being all "well, Beyond got cancelled and we really wanted to spring this on the viewers at some point but we didn't get the chance so I guess we'll do it now".

I want new episodes now.

UPDATE: I just had a thought that makes this episode more meaningful to me.

So Terry is almost a Bruce clone, right? And his girlfriend is Dana. Dana... Diana... dude, it's so obvious ;)

And to my way of thinking, BB is still an AU.

So there!

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