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What I did on my day off

- Watched kid cartoons (Danny Phantom, which is kind of cute) with my cousin.
- Surfed my fave blogs
- Prepared certain areas of my body for the wearing of a swimsuit
- Watched some more Alias Season 2 episodes
- Sunbathed for an hour with a book and a bottle of Smirnoff
- Finished my banner and new layout scheme
- Watched some more Alias
- Watched Finding Neverland on PayPerView (it made me cry)
- Watched a little more Alias

See? I've been busy.
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Ah, you watched Finding Neverland huh?

It made me cry too but I absolutely LOVED it! Johnny Depp was great in it (ooo that Scottish accent of his *swoon*) and I see a bright future for Freddie Highmore (Peter) as he was a fantastic young actor in this!