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I have been having some weird-ass dreams lately. I just have to share.

Two nights ago I had a dream that I'd been invited to take part in a movie as a guest-stunt person. The movie was either directed or at least financed by Jack from Jack in the Box. It was a lot of fun, but things kept going wrong and the crew was very frustrated. Although they were generally nice people, at some point they became the bad guys and I was leading a secret revolt against them. But we were all caught, and they were going to punish us by taking all of us out to these different isolated islands where we would have to live alone for the rest of our lives. But my friend (don't know who) and I decided that that would suck, so while we were out on the open sea we jumped overboard and swam all the way to an island we knew really well. When we reached the island we ran and ran and ran until we got to a safe place where we knew they would never find us.

Then last night I dreamed that some bad, sneaky people were trying to kill me, so my friends (again, I'm not quite sure who they were, but I know that Jim Gordon and Lois Lane were there) were knocking them off to keep me safe. Only it was all a set-up, and the baddie cheif was really trying to set me up for murder. Then I discovered that these people really weren't dead after all. I found out who the head bad guy was from looking at a bumper sticker; I went to her - yes, her - website and got all the proof I needed. Then Batman showed up and tried to catch her, but she had some tricks up her sleeve and got away.

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