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Meme time!

From meldewen04:

1. Pick your 5 favorite OTP's
2. Find pictures and post them
3. Give the name of the OTP and what fandom they're from
4. List your favorite moment between them
5. Tag 5 people from your flist to do this meme

Ooh, this is going to be hard.

Sam and Jack (Stargate)
Favorite moment: Yikes. I would have to say the moment at the end of Window of Opportunity, when Jack and Sam are having eye sex while he suggestively eats his oatmeal. Cause she so knows that she's the oatmeal.

Sydney and Vaughn (Alias)
Favorite moment: Yikes again. I think I'll have to be old school angst and say the scene in... Salvation? ... when they have that awkward conversation about his girlfriend, and Syd leaves, and then Vaughn rushes after her to (obviously) lay a big old smooch on her -- or at least tell her he likes her a whole bunch -- and she's gone. Because really, the angst is just heart-ripping-out-tastic.

Anne and Gilbert (Anne of Green Gables)
Favorite moment: The picture is from the movie, of course, but I really fell in love with these two in the books. And that's where it gets a little hazy about favorite moments because the movie doesn't follow the books exactly. I'll play it safe and say my favorite moment is the first day the two met and he pulled her braid and she broke her slate board over his head. In my world, this means love.

Batman and Wonder Woman -- or Bruce Wayne and Diana (Justice League)
Yeah, yeah, they're cartoons. They're still a OTP, and they have lovely angsty psychological personality issues here that are just so fun to play with. My favorite moment is in Maid of Honor, at the end when Diana informs Bruce that he's going to take her dancing some day, and they walk off together arm in arm. He doesn't want to love her, but he so does.

Green Lantern and Hawkgirl -- or John Stewart and Shayera (also Justice League)
Can someone have two OPTs in one show? I actually fell for these guys first because their attraction was much more overt, the classic "I'm being snarky with you because I want to sleep with you" dynamic. And I don't care that this is a cartoon. They wanted to sleep together, and they did, and the angst this season has been just off the charts. I wish writers of live action shows could make my toes curl like that. Favorite moment: The snowball fight in Comfort and Joy.

Of course, favorite pairings do change over time. At other points in my life, I was absolutely drooly-ga-ga-I'll-die-if-they-don't-get-together about Janeway and Chakotay on Voyager, Mulder and Scully on X-Files, and Kim and Tommy on Power Rangers.

Oh yeah, now I'm supposed to tag people. Hee. Okay, I tag sjhw_tolerance, andveryginger, seldear, wlykyoti and -- because I'm evil -- yamadara.

Have fun!
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He doesn't want to love her, but he so does.

Bruce is a very lonely man, and knows it. He's just equally aware that he's messed up.

What I love about that pair is that she's one of the few people consistenly in his life that he's not either dominant over (his "father" is also his employee, the Robins & Batgirl are under his command) or competing with (Superman - just about every time they're on screen together, they're comparing the length of their... capes.)

She's an equal, she's another fighter/adrenaline junkie (I think 2/3 of the attraction to Selena is that she also runs around rooftops in spandex) - and best of all, when he hands her crap to push her away, she pushes right back. He needs way more of that in his life.

I've heard a rumor that the comic book writers are now working on the animated show, which I credit for taking it from something I liked to watch to something I'm frantic to see.
I agree. I think a big part of the Bruce/Di attraction is the fact that they are both very strong, independent personalities who are both missing something very important in their lives. She's tough, she's smart, she doesn't take his crap -- and he likes it :D

Season 4 of JL was light on the Bruce/Diana shippy dynamic, but the little moments keep me happy.
She's tough, she's smart, she doesn't take his crap -- and he likes it :D

More than a little bit of the masochist in that man...

There's going to be a next season, right? Hopefully they'll do more with the relationship than turn her into a pig and make him sing the blues.
>Kim and Tommy on Power Rangers.<

I am so glad that wasn't only me.. *gigles*